Well, shit.

This is where you’re supposed to read all about me, my little family, and why you should read my blog. The truth is maybe it’s not for you. That’s okay. I’m not even a brand new mom anymore and I’m scared shitless half the time and the other half I am so full of love I could shit rainbows like a fucking unicorn or something. I cannot promise perfection and I won’t guarantee my methods will work for you, but the point is that this is a space where we can all share our experiences, laugh, cry and learn from each other’s mistakes. Building each other up TOGETHER is where I wanna be.

What you can expect from me:

  • My real-life experiences.
  • Tips, tricks, and sanity-keeping hacks.
  • DIY Projects
  • Unnecessary rambling…Just a fair warning in advance, I typically write how I talk.

On to the rambling.. my husband and I are raising our two daughters and two dog-ters. I’m passionate about creating a happier and healthier home for all of us. I have a deep love of DIYing things. This means even if it’s not faster, easier, or cheaper I’m still doing it just to be able to say that I can or did in fact do it. Occasionally this brings chaos, but I just love the whole process even when it doesn’t quite turn out as easy as I hoped. I aim to empower, encourage, and support mothers. My journey is far from complete and I yearn to learn new things every day. So, with that said, I intend to share what does and does not work for us in hopes to make things a little bit easier for you and yours.