Well, shit.

This is where you’re supposed to read all about me, my little family, and why you should read my blog. The truth is maybe it’s not for you. That’s okay. I’m a kind of new mom scared shitless half the time and the other half I am so full of love I could shit rainbows like a fucking unicorn or something. I can’t promise perfection and I won’t guarantee my methods will work for you, but the point is we can all share our experiences, laugh, cry and learn from each other’s mistakes. Building each other up TOGETHER is where I wanna be.

What you can expect from me:

  • My real life experiences.
  • Tips, tricks, and sanity keeping hacks.
  • DIY Projects

What you will NOT find:

  • Judgemental mom shaming.
  • Strong views on topics like vaccinations and how you feed your baby. I will only share my experiences, I do not expect you to share my opinions.

In my posts I may refer to A, B, K, or T. A is my daughter Ari, B is my dog Bella, K is my dog Korra, and T is my husband, Tj.