How to Keep Your Sanity When Expecting…Again

Tips and Tricks to Navigate Pregnancy the Second Time Around

Well, shit. Time to finally apologize for my unexplained, extremely long, and terribly timed absence. I am sorry that I didn’t give ya’ll any notice but I can’t say that I am sorry for taking the time I needed. In case the title didn’t give it away WE’RE PREGNANT AGAIN! WOOHOO! I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of emotions I have felt the last few months. Like seriously, so many. Out of all the things I’ve felt though, UNPREPARED was not one of the things I was expecting. I swear I thought it would be a piece of cake, we’ve done this once already how hard can it be? Really fucking hard. See, I forgot about all the things in my life that had changed. Of course Ari being the most obvious, we had just got another monster puppy, TJ graduated and got a job with a different schedule, I got a part time job, and things just aren’t the same as they were the first time. (DUH!) I’m a little more tired, a little more needed in more places and that just threw me for a loop. So, if you’re like me a complete mess and need a little guidance I’ve organized a list of a few of the things that have helped the most.

REST. I know with a toddler, a couple of dogs AND a husband it is practically impossible to get the rest you need. Do it anyways. You are growing a human and while it isn’t always possible to grab a nap right after work remember that the dishes can wait, the laundry can wait, social media can wait, your body NEEDS REST. It can NOT wait all the time. You will get burnt out if you don’t rest when you get the chance.

ASK FOR HELP. Guess what, your husband can’t read your mind. He won’t pick up on your subtle hints and you will just end up pissing each other off trying to figure it out. ASK for the things you need. Yes, he is going to be a little more tired now too BUT, you can still ask him “hey I need to go to bed early tonight can you handle bedtime?” Let him know when you just can’t cook dinner because the smells are making you SO NAUSEOUS. Just communicate your needs to each other, it makes things so much easier. You should also ask for help from others around you. Most of your loved ones want to help but, they don’t know what you need. My mom and sisters have been ROCKSTARS at helping watch Ari when Tj and I can’t, my dad recently put an alternator in my truck one night after he got off work, my boss and coworkers have moved their schedules around so I could make it to appointments and on those days when I’ve just had to stay home, and my friends well they have been SO patient with me and my lack of communication and being there when I DO bitch about everything communicate. My point is, ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT. Things will go so much easier.

KNOW YOUR LIMITS. This really goes hand in hand with asking for help. You need to remember that you aren’t going to be able to do all the things you were able to do before so easily. Even just going to lunch with a friend can DRAIN you of all your energy. You might end up needing a nap before the morning is over just from cooking breakfast. Learn what you can and can’t do in a day and DO NOT EXCEED THOSE LIMITS. Some days keeping your other child fed and entertained is all you’ll be able to accomplish and that is just fine.

EXPECT BEHAVIOR CHANGES. Your first child has probably already picked up on your pregnancy. Maybe they are old enough to understand exactly what that means, or maybe they just see you randomly crying because they just gave you a bite of their sandwich and that just meant the whole world to you. Kids are intuitive they know things are changing, so remember they may not know how to express themselves in the way we do. Ari went through a very clingy only want mom stage and now when she sees me crying she just comes up and holds my hand. Your child could react differently and that’s normal too! You can talk about what is going on no matter their age just have to put it in to things they can understand.

SCHEDULE. Give yourself and your family some kind of set schedule or routine. Even if your work schedule changes you can keep some things constant throughout that will help things go more smoothly. Like planning out your day the night before or by giving your child a routine at bedtime that you and any other caregiver follow as they go to sleep. Make yourself some sort of routine or a part of your day that you look forward to whether a cup of coffee in the morning, a walk before bed, a TV show you get to watch an episode of at lunch time or meditation. Even telling yourself an affirming mantra every morning can help set the mood for the day.

BUST OUT YOUR SWEAT PANTS. Okay this one is really for me because I HATE jeans but, seriously being bloated in the first trimester, and belly growth in the second just make all other pants uncomfortable anyways. I also have a list of things that I compiled from my first pregnancy that you might find helpful 10 Must Haves For Expecting Mamas! Just remember to make time to recharge yourself, mama! You might even find 5 Beauty Hacks For The Busy Mama helpful! We love to hear from you so if you have any extra tips or tricks you would like to share comment below or find us on Facebook and tell us there!

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