Oh sweet, sweet summer you are HERE! I have been looking forward to the warmer months!! I always feel extra crafty and more motivated to get shit done! I gotta add that Ari is just having a blast too! We got her a little kiddy pool and we also made a sand box (that frugal DIY will be coming soon too, btw!) she just loves playing outside and that makes me enjoy it even when the weather is just a tad tooo hot. Anyways, today I wanted to go a little further in depth on a #TuesdayTip and #SummerHack! So get your crafty pants on and let’s get started!

Gather your supplies:
1 Foam Pool Noodle (regular size not the super small ones)
3ft rope (more or less depending on the size of your tote!)
Square or rectangle plastic tote (not too big you want your noodle to go around it)


Step 1: Cut your pool noodle in to 4 pieces the length of all the sides. Doesn’t have to be exact I just lined the noodle up to the tote and made a cut.

Step 2: Thread the rope through the holes in the pool noodles make sure you have them in the right order!

Step 3: Position them around the tote and tie it off TIGHT! I found it easier to flip the tote upside down to do this. You may have to trim some small pieces off of your noodle if it seems like it won’t hold position. You can do this without removing the rope just BE CAREFUL not to cut the rope in the process, I didn’t trust my clumsy ass so I just unthreaded the rope. Trim excess rope and tuck ends in to the noodles.

Step 4: Add ice, beverages, and enjoy! I had some trial and error with the smaller noodles the first time I made this, so to reuse the pieces I put them in with the ice to help keep the drinks upright!

Looking forward to using this as often as I can!!! Do you have any favorite #SummerHacks? Comment below or tell us on Facebook!

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