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“Never stop dating” words of advice from my parents after my husband and I got married. Ever since having a baby and getting married date nights have certainly changed and are further apart. We still get to them and it’s always great to get some time to ourselves. We don’t always leave the house for our date nights and some of those have been the BEST damn dates ever. I mentioned the Bonding Bees date night subscription box in last weeks post Secrets to Staying Connected With Your Spouse and those are great for stay at home dates! We had a hard time keeping up with the subscription because we would decide to do other things we knew we enjoyed but they were still fun. Here are the FREE Printable Date Night Bucket Lists!

I definitely think we could use a date night this weekend. This week was ROUGH from the start. I can’t even remember what started it all but I have had back pain and that just amplified everything for me. A night in (maybe out if we’re feeling up to it tomorrow) is on my to do list. Not sure what we will do yet though! I didn’t want to just plain list ALL of the date night ideas that can get pretty lengthy and boring. I have divided them by type of date so I’ll talk about our favorites in each section!

Make Stuff: This crafty mama loves hands on dates! We have done quiet a few, some of them definitely aren’t your “traditional” date style either! MAKE: Holiday themed things (Valentine’s, Jack O’Lanters, decorate stockings/ornaments, etc.), cookies, dinner together (pick a new recipe go shopping together for everything and cook it together. Can even pick a theme for the whole night and play music accordingly!), backyard campfire and s’mores, a window garden, root beer floats, homemade ice cream or sundaes, model car or airplane (HELLO DREAM CAR!), a jigsaw puzzle, painting or sculpture (there are lots of paint and sip places nowadays!), a couples music playlist, a movie bucket list, your own date night bucket list, paper crafts like origami, paper flowers or scrapbooking, your own couples t-shirts, and a steamy bucket list! You could put things you don’t do often or have never done! Things like full body massage, wearing a blindfold or lingerie, strip poker, naked twister, showering together, sexy selfies, you get the idea!

Go Places: I don’t mean go to dinner and a movie ok? I know those are tried and true! We love them just as much as the next couple but I’m talking about things you don’t do often! GO: bowling, to a shooting range, on a picnic, to a drive in movie (you usually get 2 or 3 for the price of 1!), to a comedy club, to a museum (look for free days!), swimming, bike riding, window shopping (you can make this extra fun by picking each other out an outfit!), skating, dancing, on a road trip (even a mini one to a town a couple hours away is fun!), horseback riding, stargazing (pair this with backyard campfire and s’mores), to the zoo, to an arcade (there is an arcade bar a few towns over from us!), rock climbing, get a massage together, wash the car, run a 5k together, check out your town for local events like free bands and craft fairs too!

Play Games: Not the ones that screw with your emotions though!! Play: video games, board games, 20 questions, would you rather, and truth or dare (you can add a variation of these to your steamy bucket list too!), cards, billiards, frisbee, miniature golf, charades, catch with a football or any sports you’re both in to!

Host Date Night: get together with your friends and their significant others for some double or triple dates! HOST: a BBQ, a game night, a movie marathon (we’re huge Harry Potter fans!), a fondue night, a fiesta, a bake-off, a murder mystery, a backyard camp out, a spa night, a sports night (think super bowl party even if there aren’t any games on just rock your favorite teams!), a pot luck dinner, a chocolate or wine tasting, a pajama party, decade theme night’s (50’s, 70’s, 90’s!), a couples book club, and of course holiday themed parties!

I have been dying to host some date nights!! One of my favorite going out dates was to a comedy club! It was one of our first dates after we had the baby and it was a first time experience for both of us and we really enjoyed it. I hope this helps you try some new things! Don’t forget to tell me your favorites or any new ideas we could add to the list! Comment below or share with us on Facebook!

Here are the FREE Printable Date Night Bucket Lists!

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