How To Make a Heart Wreath for Under $10

Create a Deco Mesh Heart Shaped Wreath

When I first saw this heart shaped frame I immediately wanted a wreath! I absolutely love making things and making them cheap as hell frugally. I got ALL of my supplies at the Dollar Tree. Even if you aren’t a DIY-er or you feel like you don’t have any craftiness, they are super simple and I promise you can make one too!!!

Supplies Needed:
Wire Wreath Heart Frame
25-30 yds of 6in Deco Mesh (this is 5-6 rolls)
Zip ties, twist ties, or small pieces of Chenille/Pipe cleaners

I did my wreath with two colors so the pink deco mesh is not pictured here. If you only do one color you will need 5 rolls (25 yds). I used 3 rolls of each color for my wreath. You can also use a regular circle frame if you want I would use 30yds of 6in Deco Mesh for those!

Optional Supplies:
Wire Cutters (These are near the floral wire at my Dollar Tree)
Bouquet of fake flowers
Floral Wire
LOVE sign

I didn’t use the beads, or picture how I intended to use them. I was going to string them on to the floral wire to hide it if I didn’t like how the wire was showing. You could always use the wire to make it look like pearls are embedded in the wreath, use similar steps as I show with the sign and flowers below! Using these might go over the $10 but you don’t have to get all of them!

Step 1: Starting in the middle section of the heart frame take the end of the roll of mesh and pinch it together. Zip tie that piece to a cross point in the frame. I use the flat side as the back of the wreath so I would position your zip tie that way.

I like to cut the zip ties down as I go they seem to get in the way.

Step 2: Make a loop of mesh about 3 inches tall and feed it through the bottom portion of the middle of the frame.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 but put the loop in the top portion of the frame. As you can see in the picture I’m just unraveling the mesh as I go.

Step 4: Do this for 5 or 6 loops alternating between top and bottom sections and then zip tie the tail of your mesh down. You can cut the zip tie tail off now or wait til the end. (DON’T CUT THE MESH YET!)

Step 5: Continue this process until your section looks pretty full. You may have to really squish it in there to get the fullness you want. I used about half a roll of the mesh for this smaller section. Zip tie the tail of the last loop and cut the mesh near the frame but leave it about a half inch long so it doesn’t slip out of the zip tie. It might look a little ugly at first THAT’S OKAY! If doing the same color keep doing this process until wreath is full. In between rolls you will zip tie very 5-6 loops and the ends of the roll.

Step 6: Using your fingers you can go in between the mesh loops and spread them out. This helps cover the wire frame AND makes it look better. I did this after every color switch. It can wait until the end but you get a better idea of the fullness if you play with it as you go.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 alternating colors section by section. If not alternating colors continue the same process without cutting the ends at each section. You can just continue to do the loops and zip ties all the way around.

The bigger pink and red sections used a full 5yd roll. The smaller pink section was less than half of a 5yd roll.

Step 8: Totally optional you can be finished at the step above or check out the steps below for more alternatives! Using Wire Cutters, cut off the stems from your bouquet. I recommend leaving them as long as you can so you have room to tie them with. Decide whether or not you would like to keep the greenery/leaves on it. If you do keep them just push them all the way up the stem to the flower.

Step 9: Trying to keep it centered push the stem through the front of the mesh, you can usually just wiggle it through without having to actually push through a section of mesh. Then wrap the stem around the wire frame to secure it.

Step 10: This is actually a DIFFERENT option instead of the flowers, though you can do both if you wish. I used the wire to hold my “LOVE” sign. I made 2 pieces of floral wire about 8 inches each. Then wrapped one end of each around my wire cutters/needle nose pliers to make a spiral coil. I then pushed the uncoiled end through the mesh and fastened the same way as the flowers. This took a few times of trial and error to make sure I got the placement just how I wanted to hold the sign. The floral wire is VERY forgiving so don’t worry about messing up you can unbend it and try again! This is how you could string on the beads too!

Now we’re done! I had a lot of fun making this wreath so I bought another frame! I am thinking I might do a Bronco’s colored one for next football season!

Show me your wreaths on Swearin Mama Facebook page! OR Comment and tell me how you would embellish them! The options are endless!!

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