New Year’s Resolutions Built to Build You Up

Stop Setting Yourself up for Failure with your New Year’s Resolutions

A New View On New Year’s Resolutions

A few days ago I was watching some day time talk show and they brought up New Year’s Resolutions. My first thought was “pfft I never stick to those things” and my second thought was “well, why the hell not?!” They started bringing up some statistics like only 45% of American’s even make a resolution and of that 45% only 10% stick with it the whole year. Now I’m not sure where they get their information but that is a 90% fail rate. Why can’t we stick to something that is supposed to be beneficial for us? Do we set ourselves up for failure? Do we need someone to hold us accountable? Do we actually do something great for ourselves and just not call it a New Year’s Resolution? I know I hadn’t really thought much about them before now. I can’t stop wondering why this doesn’t work? The key to succeeding is failure right? You fail and try it again until you get it right. That’s why it is supposed to take the whole year, I think. We put so much pressure on ourselves that after the first failure we think “I can’t do this anymore.” My point is you CAN do it. We all can. Mid show (and let’s be honest probably mid diaper change) I started jotting down some healthy, positive, life changing things that would be challenging but not so hard for myself that I would never do them. Motherhood has really got me thinking more about taking care of myself. Not that I didn’t before, I just didn’t have to remind myself to do it all the time. My tiny human can be damn exhausting. Being a better me will make me a better mama (or at least a more patient one) and that’s one of my main priorities right now. I am going to be working at ALL of these things this coming year and I hope you all join me. I promise we can do it!

Let’s talk about motivation first. You have to already want to make some changes. To be constantly challenging yourself. You have to motivate you. I will be here to try and help but those nights you wanna dive head first in to a gallon of ice cream or you start bad mouthing your husband, I’m not gonna be there to keep you on your motivation train. Remember we all fall and sometimes you gotta get up by yourself. Now on to the resolutions!

  1. Every one’s go to: physical wellness. Dieting, exercising, jumping on the next fad bandwagon that get’s us all to healthyville. I am the worst. I am all about grabbing what ever is cheap, fast, or easy. (I swear I’m talking about food here). I am going to ease in to this one by taking it a week at a time. I already know I have a lot of go to freezer meals and that really helps me with dinners. So now I need to work on better eating for breakfast, lunch and snacks. You can find the freezer meals and more about them here. I will be working on a breakfast, lunch and snack guide once I get a good routine going for myself so keep checking back for that! As for exercise start out slow if you don’t exercise. Make it a point to walk your dog a little longer or try a body weight at home work out plan! I just started a free 2-week trial for Beach Body On Demand but already missed a couple days but here’s to tomorrow!
  2. Learn something new. I was given a jewelry making book for Christmas and LAST Christmas I was given beads and shit for jewelry. I have made a few pieces but I’m going to teach myself how to make some new things I’ve never done before! So pick something you have always wanted to learn and start with some baby steps!! I will also be posting some more DIY Tutorials this year so you can always follow along with one of those too!
  3. Navigate your emotions. Did you catch my post about stress? It is SO important to keep your stress level down. Pregnancy and postpartum really took a toll on how I expressed and handled my emotions. I am embarrassed to say I feel like I am learning myself all over again. I just do not react to situations the same way I used to and that’s okay. I am working on recognizing when I need to take a break from something and how to manage my emotions as I am expressing them. It has been really challenging but I love that I’m taking the time for myself.
  4. Social wellness. You’re probably thinking “My social life is great what the fuck do you mean?” I mean stop shit talking. Do you really need to go tell your best friend Susie that what’s her face Joanie just got pregnant AGAIN like does she NEED 5 kids? Unless you have proof that Joanie is beating her kids and the authorities haven’t been informed it’s none of your goddamn business. Gossip is toxic. Stop it. Speaking of toxic, learn when to say NO to toxic people and situations. If you are constantly worried about your sister’s drinking and she’s always hitting you up for money (or some other variation of this there are a lot of ways to be toxic) you need to say no. “But she’s family.” And? Family can be toxic too and you will only keep holding yourself back if you keep drowning yourself in worry about other people’s problems. You can still be there if they need support but ONLY if it is not bringing you down! Build people up. Sometimes it is really hard to support someone if they are doing something great. I know that sounds crazy right? We get green with envy and can’t help but wish we were in their shoes. Guess what, be proud of them, be positive, TELL them they are doing great. You will feel better. You start supporting successful happy people they just might do the same for you and then you will be on your way to success and happiness. My point is stay positive, surround yourself with positive and great things can happen!
  5. Financial goals. I wish I would have listen to my grandmother when I started my first job. She told me “put 10% of every check in to your savings, you’ll never notice you’re taking it out and you will have a great little nest egg” I didn’t do it but that doesn’t mean it is too late to start! My husband and I have been wanting to buy a house. We have talked about it for years but we never took any financial steps or actions to get in to a great place to do it. We finally are and it feels great to be on that same page with a similar goal in mind! Maybe your goal is a car instead of a house, or maybe it is a college fund for your kids. It is never too late to start even it you only start with just a little! Get a financial advisor if you need to but take action!
  6. Clean up your environment. I definitely think that everyone can do more to minimize their waste and harm we are doing to the Earth’s environment. I also meant keeping your space tidy and clean out clutter. Stop spending ALL of your spare time with a screen or the newest high tech thing. Hang out at a park or your local coffee shop. Remember my comment about positive people? Do that some more!

I will do my best to hold YOU all accountable but you’re gonna have to help me too! I know the saying “it takes a village” is usually in reference to raising children but I think we can all raise each other up and be the best damn village yet! It has been amazing starting this journey and I couldn’t do it without you all, thank you for being my village. Checkout the Swearin Mama Facebook page to keep connected!

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