5 Beauty Hacks For The Busy Mama

Beauty is not something I’m the best at. I used to be able to spend an hour on my hair and makeup like it was nothing. Even before I got pregnant I just slowly started casting things out of my daily routine. Eventually just stopped going to get my nails or hair done too. Just didn’t seem necessary anymore. I was wrong. You may not need to go spend $100 on hair or $50 on your nails but you should NOT stop the things that make you feel great the little extra self care or pampering things are important so I have some little things that I like to do at home to help with those days you need a little umph.

1. Manicure: I am the WORST (or maybe best?) nail biter ever. I used to keep acrylic on my nails just to keep from tearing up my nails but that was just getting too expensive for me. So for a while I just used a simple gel manicure set with the little UV lamp and all the tools from Wal-Mart. It was really becoming time consuming BUT I recently discovered the wonderful world of Color Street! Lemme tell you, it definitely takes some practice but once you get used to the process it is awesome! If you try it out do a few rounds of accent nails first so you don’t ruin all your nail polish strips! As I mentioned above I’m kinda rough on my nails and these have lasted me about a week at a time so if you aren’t mean to your nails they will last longer!! Best part is how quick they are and you don’t have to worry about dry time!

2. Pedicure: I know I don’t have time to soak my feet let alone actually GO somewhere and let someone else do it for me. So you can use the Color Street or gel polish as I mentioned above but in addition to polish for your toes you NEED to have a pumice stone in your shower. My youngest sister told me how she keeps her feet so SOFT and I felt dumb for not knowing! At the end of my shower I will do a quick rub with the stone on my dry and cracked heels. It has helped keep my feet baby soft I LOVE it! (Bonus use for pumice stone: while in shower rub your dry elbows it keeps them SMOOTH!)

3. Make-Up: I used to be all about spending more time on my face than anything else when getting ready in the morning but as time went on it just seemed like more and more of a hassle. (I just got real damn lazy) Now I still like to give myself a little boost every now and then so for a lighter approach I will still use concealer, BB Cream, and mascara. Occasionally I throw on liner and eye shadow. I have never been big on doing my brows but if that’s your must have you don’t have to give it up! Out of all of the ones I have tried I highly recommend Maybelline Dream BB Pure either with the acne treatment or without. I don’t notice a difference in the weight or coverage between the two. The one with acne treatment doesn’t have any SPF so whichever you prefer really.

4. Dry Shampoo: Not my favorite beauty hack but it is necessary sometimes especially when you are go go go go go. That extra wash just doesn’t get squeezed in. I am not a HUGE fan of the aerosol cans of dry shampoo I think they stink but they are effective and quicker BUT you can use HOMEMADE dry shampoo and it works the same. All you need is corn starch. I put mine in an empty spice container and sprinkle it in my hair rub it in a little and then comb it out. If you have darker or red hair the white corn starch can be pretty visible but you can always add a little UNSWEETENED cocoa powder for brown/black hair or a bit of cinnamon in for red hair. Super cheap AND easy.

5. Hair: it is really easy to forget to do your hair when you are sleep deprived and mommin real hard. I have my hair in a hair tie 99.99% of the time just to forget what a mess it is. It doesn’t have to be an ugly mess though!!! If I feel the need to look a little more presentable I will try my hand an “updo” the simplest one I have been happiest with is the messy bun! I know such a damn cliche but hey it works. I have fine and thin hair so my regular bun always looks so tiny and lame. I battle that with a regular pony tail, teased, hair sprayed, then wrapped loosely, and fastened with a bobby pin. If your hair is longer a quick side braid is super cute too!! I am looking forward to these winter months so I can just throw on a beanie and call it fashionable!

“Pain is beauty” is NOT my motto. I am all about easy and quick and PAINLESS this mama is real damn lazy! If YOU have any beauty tips, tricks or hacks comment them below or connect with us on Facebook! I am all about sharing anything that can help another mama out!

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