DIY Hair Bows

I didn’t think I was going to be THAT mom. The mom that is OBSESSED with hair bows for her daughter. That was until I was given some and put them on her. She is just SO darling with a bow in. A lot of the ones I have found just don’t fit her (either too big or too small) or they didn’t have a color I wanted. So I decided I needed to make my own!

You can find the video tutorial on my Facebook Page here!

UPDATED to use different materials! Find what I used here!

Supplies Needed:

Felt or Glitter Canvas Fabric
Hot Glue Gun
Nylon Panty Hose or Nylon Head Bands

1. Print off your stencil. You can leave the size as is or make it bigger or smaller if you want. I like it a little bigger so I changed the size to 1400×1400 pixels instead of 1080×1080 (you can do this in paint) Cut out your stencil.

2. Trace your stencil on to the felt or canvas then cut out your felt pieces. Don’t do what I did and leave parts of the marker visible (;

3. Take your loop piece and put a small dot of glue in the middle. Fold the end in to the glue. Use the toothpick to press it down. Do the same with the other side.

4. Glue the loop piece to the ribbon piece. The already glued side down.

5. Cut off a 1.5-2 inch strip off of the leg of the nylon panty hose. Slightly stretch it til it rolls in on itself. Or grab a Nylon head band. Stretch over a bowl.

6. Glue the middle of the middle piece down to the middle of the loop/ribbon piece. You should have some left over on either side.

7. Put the ribbon side against the underside of the nylon piece. Place a small dot of glue and take one part of the middle piece and stick it to the glue. Add another dot on top of that piece and take the other middle piece and glue to the nylon strip.

8. Wait for the glue to cool and it is ready for baby to wear! You can also take the bow pieces and glue to barettes or hair ties for more fun hair pieces! As you can see the marker is still super visible so be careful when cutting it out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY! It was fun for me to make. Show me your pictures on my Facebook video here!

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