The New Mom’s Guide to Freezer Meals

8 Freezable Recipes
+ 2 Bonus Easy Meals

I am not a professional chef and some of these recipes are the EASY way out occasionally using pre-packaged items. Don’t bitch this is what works for us, if you are just here for the freebie recipes get them here! Below I go in to detail on how to prep.

Freezer meals are AMAZING! I really love when I actually do them. They are hella convenient to just thaw and bake or dump in the slow cooker and BAM dinner. Before I get in to how to do them different from everyone else let me start off by saying I will NEVER recommend doing all the meals in one day. I’m not gonna promise you 40 fucking meals in an hour or some shit. That works great for some people and more power to them but it does not work for this mama. I barely have time to go grocery shopping  with my little one let alone cook 10 meals in a jam packed weekend too.

    You’re going to want to start with a little planning. You should be able to get it done in a half hour or so. Pick your dinners for the month. I usually pick about 10-12 meals that are freezable (I make each of them “twice”), 4 leftover nights, and 2-4 easy to cook meals (most of the time these end up being Hamburger Helper or frozen pizza) I also write my meals out on a calendar. You should end up with 16-18 meals picked this includes leftover nights so if that’s not your jam plan accordingly.
    Write out the grocery list. I am super controlling and put items in to categories and the categories in order by how we would walk through the store (even when I end up ordering online).
    Go grocery shopping. I HIGHLY suggest using a grocery store that lets you do a free pick up for at least your first month (or 3) postpartum. Total lifesaver I have no shame in using those services. Here’s the not so shitty plot twist-when you get home you don’t even have to cook all your damn meals. Do you mama, if you just want to pop in a pizza and relax you can!
  • When do I cook then? I make my meals as I go so usually just one a night for a couple weeks. I make them in DOUBLE batches so that way I can freeze the “second” meal and have it later on in the month. For example I will make a big batch of chili with 2 lbs of beef and 4 cans of beans. There is no way the hubs and I will eat that much chili in a night or two. We will usually make it all, eat what we want, save a bit for left overs, and then when it is cooled we put it in a feezer bag with the date made and throw it in the freezer. The next time we wanna eat it I will pull it out the night before to thaw a bit then dump it in to the crock pot the morning we plan to have it. SOMETIMES we don’t eat a whole lot and even after saving leftovers we have enough to do 2 bags to freeze so we can have chili again or throw it on some hot dogs or baked potatoes to change things up.

Yes sometimes it gets boring to have the same things over and over again but we used to WASTE SO MUCH DAMN FOOD. It was sickening so this helps us use the left overs AND makes for an easier night. The first two weeks aren’t that hard most of these meals don’t take that long to make and since you only have to prepare them once it saves you time later in the month. Also a great way to plan meals for busy nights you would usually grab dinner out for or because you are just too exhausted or too busy to cook. We have done a lot of trial and error on what we do and DO NOT like frozen then reheated so if you experiment too I would love to hear your ideas!!! Comment below or connect with us on Facebook!!!

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