Super Simple Schedule to Keep Your House Clean

“Don’t expect miracles. Don’t expect miracles. Don’t expect miracles.” My daily mantra usually recited when I realize the dishes are just NOT going to get done or when the damn laundry is just piling up and I am SO not in the mood to fold today. Seriously though if you are within the first 6-8 weeks postpartum do not get your hopes up for a sparkling clean house. You will lose your sanity. I HIGHLY recommend recruiting any help you can get especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. It is 100% normal, I would actually be worried if you didn’t ever feel overwhelmed. My point is don’t expect to clean out the closets or the gutters with a newborn. The main necessities are about all you are gonna get for awhile.

There are still going to be days you can’t or won’t do anything. Probably because you are just exhausted from the night before or just want to eat a meal in peace and that is okay!!! Miss A has a semi-predictable schedule that took me a few weeks to figure out but once I did that helped the rest of my schedule fall in to place. Her schedule is USUALLY: wake up, eat, play, nap. Nap time is Mama’s time! Every now and then those fucking awesome growth spurts will totally mess with her schedule and throw us for a loop for a couple of days. Don’t worry I scheduled in a “lazy day”. Here is what I aim for our week to look like:

Every day: Wash dishes and take out the trash. Sometimes I wait until T gets home to help me so I can do the dishes and some days I don’t need to. T is the best husband ever and takes the trash out every day (I may have married him just for that).

Monday = Bedrooms:
I will clean up any trash or clutter and then change and wash the bedding. I do this for my room and A’s room. It usually takes 2 sometimes 3 naps (mama’s gotta eat too!) depending on the day. I can imagine it may take longer the more bedrooms you have but if your babies are older you can TRY to recruit them to help you.

Tuesday = Bathroom:
I wash all towels and rugs and attempt to deep clean the whole bathroom. If I can just get half deep cleaned I aim for the other half the next week but I always make a point to at least tidy up. I’m gonna be straight with you here, the rugs are usually only once a month. I forget. A LOT.

Wednesday = Kitchen:
As I mentioned above I try to do the dishes every night so Wednesday’s are reserved for cleaning out the fridge and cupboards or catching up on dishes if I missed a night. Sometimes I get around to folding towels and sheets.

Thursday = Living Room:
This is where my damn village of dust bunnies live. I haven’t dusted in a long time but A’s shit toys are in their place, coffee table is cleaned off and the rug is vacuumed. Thursday’s I will wash a load or two of laundry.

Friday = Catch Up & Floors Day:
Catch up on laundry or literally anything you had to skip throughout the week. If you didn’t miss a day sweep, mop, and vacuum!

Saturday = Extra Rooms & Yard Day:
If you don’t have any extra rooms that collect random things (diaper boxes, baby toys, craft shit, etc.) you only have to worry about your yard. 9 times outta 10 my yard and the spare rooms get neglected. I’m only human but hey this schedule reminds me that I NEED to get it done and at some point we usually attempt to mow the lawn or tidy up my craft room.

Sunday = Rest Day
Seriously relax with your baby and hubby or go get a coffee with a friend. You can’t be cooped up all week and not go batshit crazy.

I follow this schedule loosely. It helps to know that I at least make an effort to not be a smelly ass human being. I arranged my days to go from one end of the house to the other so you can rearrange as needed for your sanity.

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  1. It doesn’t get much better after the 6-8 weeks mark either lol!!! My oldest is almost 8 so that means my house has been a disaster for 8 years!!!! I’m hoping by 10 she can learn to do something hahaha 🙄😂

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