The beginning weeks of motherhood are hard, that is a given. For me specifically the waking up every couple of hours to tend to that oh so precious little shit newborn has been the hardest. Whether you use cloth or disposable diapers your baby is going to go through A LOT of them. As if sleep deprivation couldn’t get any worse one thing you don’t need to do is fumble around in the middle of the night looking for diapers making excessive noise with bright lights that keep baby up longer and in turn keeps YOU up longer. I can vaguely remember how we did it. I know there were tears (mostly mine) confusion and frustration when we couldn’t find the damn diaper cream (or some other random necessity) I felt like I struck gold the night I decided to put together our diaper caddy. Below I list my top 8 items that I take to bed with me every night to make things run smoother.

1.) Diapers – well DUH. I can’t say that I take a specific amount every night. I always just get a good stack of around 10ish. Even though my daughter only wakes up once or twice a night now I still pack multiple diapers because you just NEVER know. One night I was changing A’s diaper in bed and I was almost done. Just scooting that fresh clean diaper under her bottom when she just straight shit on my pants. Of course while doing so she soiled the diaper and I had to start over, thankfully I had already started the caddy by then and made it less hectic. I’m pretty sure it was the same week where she did the same thing to T only this time it was fucking explosive and got ALL over him, her, and the bed. It was really quite humorous and a very good reason to bring extras along.

2.) Wet wipes – I HIGHLY recommend Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Wipes. They are wet enough and have little ridges that help when it gets stuck on. I know everyone has different wants or needs these have just been the ones that work best for us and A.

3.) Diaper Cream – Poor kid shits and pisses like it is going out of style. The first couple months she would get a rash from all the wiping so we started using Desitin at the first sign of the rash. Haven’t had to use it much at all as she is older those first few weeks though it was a life saver.

4.) Snacks – I ALWAYS get hungry in the middle of the night. My favorite go to snack is granola bars. I have also thrown in trail mix and fruit cereal bars. I wouldn’t skip the snacks especially if you are breastfeeding because you probably need the extra calories.

5.) Drinking water – this is more important than the snacks you will feel better if you are hydrated especially when you are losing sleep don’t get dehydrated too!!!

Items 6,7, and 8 will be different depending on if you are breast feeding or formula feeding.

If Breast Feeding:

6.) Nursing Pads – they make so many different kinds I was overwhelmed when purchasing some so whether you us disposable or washable pads make sure you pack an extra set or too to help you stay asleep if you start leaking. Plus keeps your clothes and bed dry!

7.) Nipple Guard – I would get a couple extra nipple guards if you use them so that way you don’t have to get up to wash one for the next feeding.

8. Lanolin – I didn’t use lanolin too often and I wish I would have it really does help! There are other nipple creams as well, use what works best for you!

If Formula Feeding:

6.) Formula – If you use premade liquid version pack enough for the night. If you use powdered I would use a travel size can to pack in the caddy or a clean baby bottle used solely for a small portion of formula powder and the measuring scoop stored inside the bottle as well. This way you don’t have to tote the large can around as well. Please do your research or ask a professional for advice on formula and proper ways to store it.

7.) Purified Water – specifically for mixing with the formula power. Please seek professional advice on what water is right for your baby.

8.) Bottles – The variety of bottle brands, shapes and styles is HUGE what works for my baby may not work for yours. You will probably use bottles if you pump and store your breast milk as well. We use the Parent’s Choice bottles from Wal-Mart with no issues.

I love my diaper caddy it really does make my nights that much smoother!!! Just try not to forget to pack it before falling asleep or you’re shit outta luck. For more tips and tricks check out the Swearin Mama Facebook page!

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